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demonstrated the act of an Intelligent Person by taking the steps to educate yourself in what will prove to be your 2nd most important decision of your life.

Whether this is your first home, or 3rd home , it would be a privilege here at Corner Stone Home Inspection Services LLC to provide a Well Educated and Solid Foundation of Wisdom, in which you can base your Decision and Best Interest upon.

When choosing a Home Inspector, let there be no misunderstanding, Not all home Inspectors Are created equal. All home Inspectors follow the minimum standards set by N.Y.S to give a non-bias, impartial, visual opinion of any said property. An approved curriculum as all Home Inspectors must attend a N.Y.S approved class room setting and training.
Most people have attended college, so lets just say it the way it is, The class room is the bare minimum that could never replace what happens Daily in the Real World. This is just the simple fact in most Technical Training and Careers.

When choosing your home inspector, it is in our opinion, and we strongly recommend choosing one that has at least 15 years in the construction industry. By doing this you have now retained a well rounded individual that has a better grasp on structural components of a said property as well as all the potential hidden problems, potential /intent ally covered up problems and the worst case scenario of the cost of repairs ( see consultation page ), how to deal with contractors and the potential of being taken advantage of.

Here at Corner Stone, we bring 20 years of Home Remodeling to the table, as well as multi property ownership and management. WE WILL give you a very though, and detailed, visual inspection in which YOU, can fulfill your dreams and in knowing what your buying at the time of your inspection. For a few hundred today, let us potentially save you Thousands tomorrow.

Corner Stone is a Multi-Inspection Service. Please view our pages listing Radon Inspections, Mold Inspections, Consultation / GM Page, The education page, Resource Page as well as coming soon Services.

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If you're buying or selling a home in Cheektowaga, you need to get a thorough home inspection. A qualified home inspector will help you avoid making a bad investment before it's too late. Home buyers and sellers in the community turn to Corner Stone Home Inspection Services LLC for home inspection services. Every inch of your home will be examined carefully for potential problems.

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Don't risk radon poisoning- get a radon inspection ASAP.

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Mold is a serious health hazard. Schedule a mold inspection to get some peace of mind.

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Don’t stay in the dark about your property. Corner Stone Home Inspection Services offers a few different home inspection options to address specific concerns. Turn to us if you need a….

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We’ll make sure you don’t purchase a home riddled with expensive problems. Call 716-563-9206 now to schedule inspection services.

Why you should hire Corner Stone Home Inspection Services

The home inspector you choose could be the difference between a happy home-buying experience or a host of frustrating home issues. Homeowners in the area choose us because:

We draw on over two decades of experience
We’re certified, licensed and insured for your peace of mind
We’re rated highly by the Better Business Bureau

Our head inspector is a licensed home and mold inspector. He's also a nationally certified radon inspector. Your home is in good hands with Corner Stone Home Inspection Services.